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Strike Derivatives App
Strike Derivatives App

Trade a rich set of derivatives products in a liquid, efficient and fair market.

Strike Derivatives will offer markets in a wide range of digital asset derivative instruments, providing sophisticated risk-transfer solutions to its counterparties, including vanilla, exotic, and binary cash-settled options, and forwards or futures.

In order to coordinate its activities as a market-maker, Strike Derivatives will utilize Mesh Technology Market-Maker ("MTM"), an innovative market-making algorithm that aggregates liquidity to create highly functioning derivatives markets in illiquid environments. Benefits include:

  • Superior liquidity

    MTM combines orders for different types of derivatives in a single equilibrium calculation, resulting in much richer limit order books and order fills for any given set of orders.

  • Efficient pricing

    By unifying all orders in a single equilibrium, MTM ensures price efficiency and better fill prices.

  • Rich range of derivatives products
    A full range of products allows for sophisticated risk management and alpha generation, income enhancement, and downside protection.

Strike Prime App
Strike Prime App

Transact with your desired counterparties. Prime makes it happen in an instant. Your choice, securely settled and cleared.

Strike Prime is a clearing and settlement solution that enables interoperability among multiple trading venues and an unparalleled degree of market access, convenience, and portfolio management flexibility. Benefits include:

  • Dynamic allocation of credit among multiple trading venues to facilitate multi-venue trading – your choice of counterparty or venue

  • Instantaneous settlement of fiat and crypto balances across trading venues – efficient allocation of capital through use of an independent qualified custodian

  • Proprietary post-trade tools that enable OTC dealers to manage their global businesses in an integrated fashion

  • Dedicated, single-point of access operational support - simple

  • Highly secure storage of fiat and crypto balances leveraging existing custodial infrastructure

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